Introduction Post

A post where I introduce who I am and what I'm going to write about in this blog.

A post where I introduce who I am and what I’m going to write about in this blog.

About Myself

I go by Tim, or by my online alias Tibilius. I am currently pursuing a bachelor of science, specifying in computer science, and I’m nearing towards the end of it.

Beside a few other hobbies, I like to spend my time tinkering around with my system and learning about new technologies (e.g. programming languages and frameworks). I use Linux as my main OS since about the end of 2019, and have since already gathered some experience using different distributions and desktop environments, and have also dabbled in the server OS world as well. When it comes to programming, I usually stick to web technologies, meaning JavaScript/TypeScript, with my current go-to being VueJS for the frontend and NestJS for the backend part. However, I’m currently looking into Rust alongside GTK4 for developing OS applications.

About This Blog

This blog’s main purpose will be to post about various tech-related things I tried out and thought were worth sharing my thoughts as well as tips and tricks on.

Getting into Linux, programming and FOSS whilst tackling on a bachelor’s degree has not always been easy to manage, especially if you go into it fully blind. I was lucky enough to gain a lot of support, but this is just not the case for everyone. With this blog, I want to share various topics I find interesting, give my opinion on them and also make them more approachable, so that hopefully the topics gain more interested people in the future.

Going Forward

Blog Layout and Design

The blog itself is fine for now by me, but I want to eventually create my own theme for a bit more of a personal touch as well as better usability (also, I want to eventually migrate to VuePress 2).

This means that there probably will be significant layout changes in the future. So this is just a heads-up to not get you confused :]

Planned Posts

I recently got the opportunity to join GNOME GSoC, and will be participating in the FlatSync project. I will be using this blog to write regular updates on our progress, and I’m very much excited to be a part of this!

Other than that, I will be posting about my recent switch to Fedora Silverblue, comparing it to traditional Linux distributions like Arch as well as the more niche NixOS, and going into detail on how I manage my environment (i.e. Flatpaks, Distrobox, RPM OSTree OCI images).

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